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Contact List Plus for ACT!
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Contact List Plus (CLP) for ACT!

Contact List Plus Contact List Plus is for any user who needs more power and functionality in the contact list view. CLP allows: editing, colorization, calculations, organization, grouping, exporting, column formating and design in the contact list view.

Contact List Plus features include:

  • New Toolbar allows easier access to simple tasks
  • Filter Mode allows you to instantaneously search in any field
  • Create Company creates a company based on the contacts
  • Drag & Drop columns on and off the grid
  • Lookup Rules are now linked to specific layouts
  • Column 'Details' button including row height and header text
  • Expanded Popup Menus support all ACT's native features
  • Outlook Card Style View is now supported in the list
  • Group contacts in cross sections or group lists

New Toolbar

Contact List Plus toolbar handles most of the additional features that are included with the product. You can also right-click on the list to expose our Popup Menu.
1. Schedules Activity Schedule a new activity 2. Apply Color Apply color to the currently selected contact/contacts 3. Edit Mode Switch Turn ON/Off Edit mode 4. Tag Mode Switch Turn ON/Off Tag mode 5. Card Style View Changes the layout between Card Style and Table Style 6. Color Rules Open the Color Rules window 7. Lookup Rules Opens the Lookup Rules window 8. Filter Contacts Filter contacts based on the current lookup 9. Sort Contacts Sort the contact list 10. Group Contacts Group the contact list 11. Customize Columns Customize the column layouts 12. Select Layouts Select the column layout 13. Export Export the current list Word, Excel, XML an HTML file 14. Export to Excel Export the current list to Excel 15. Export to Excel in color Export the current list to Excel with color 16. Display Header Display the drag & drop grouping header 17. Appearances Change some appearances of the list 18. Expand Groups Expand grouping 19. Collapse Groups Collapse grouping 20. Refresh the List Refresh the contact list 21. Print Preview Open the Print Preview window 22. Open Help Open the Help window 23. Open About Open the About window


Filter Mode

Filter mode allows you to quickly search on multiple conditions from the top of any column

1- Click on the 'Filter' icon on the toolbar.
2- You will now see a empty filter row at the top of the list. This row is in yellow.
3- Enter a filter in any column, like "New York, London" in the city column.
4- Click "Enter' on the keyboard. You now have this filter in place.

To add additional conditions to the current filter, enter the text in the column header and click "ENTER".
Operator Condition
 =  Equals  
 $  Contains  
 !$  Not Contains 
 >  Greater Than 
 <  Less Than
 >=  Greater Than Or Equal To
 <=  Less Than Or Equal To
 <>  Not Equal
 *  Begins With
 NULL  Is Null
 !NULL  Is Not Null
 EMPTY  Is Empty
 !EMPTY  Is Not Empty
 (A,B)  Between Value A and B
 !(A,B)  Not Between Value A and B
 A,B,C  Multiple conditions  


Here are some examples of filter conditions you can try:

A. To find all contacts whose Country is empty just type "EMPTY" in the filter row and click "ENTER"
B. To find all contacts whose Country is not empty just type "!EMPTY" in the filter row and click "ENTER" ( Notice the explanation mark before the word )
C. To find all contacts whose Country is either Germany or France or the USA just type "Germany, France, United States" in the filter row and click "ENTER" ( Notice each condition is separated by a comma )
D. To find all contacts that were edited this month just type "(8/1/2005-8/30/2005)" in the filter row and click "ENTER"
E. To find all contacts where a yes/no field is checked just select "TRUE" in the filter row and click "ENTER"


Drag & Drop Columns

You can drag any column off the list to remove it.
You can also drag columns back onto the list by using the Drag & Drop button;

To drag columns onto the list:
1. Click on the Drag & Drop icon on the toolbar
2. Using the 'Drag & Drop' window that comes forward simply drag the column from this window into the task list header. (The header is where you see the other column names )


Lookup Rules Layouts

The Lookup Rules Manager window allows you to manage all your previously saved lookups. These lookups are created using ACT, the "Save Lookup" or "Save List" button in Contact List Plus.

To open this window click on the "Lookups" icon on the toolbar. From this window you can easily add or remove any lookup in the list. You can also set the layout whenever a lookup is activated.

To set the layout simply use the dropdown selector in the Layout column as shown here.


Column Details

Users can now change many properties of each column like: Caption, Character casing (Upper/Lower), format string and input masks for phone number or Social Security numbers. Users now can use the Math Functions to display totals and counts. Users can also change the amount of row height by using the new Multi-Column options.

To change the height of any column
1- Right click on the header of the column to change.
2- Change the 'Multi-Line' option to the desired height.
3- Click OK


Expanded Popup Menus

Contact List Plus appends to ACT!'s right-click menu.

To expose CLP's expanded menu system seen below right-click anywhere on the contact list window.

Create Company from Selected Conacts.

CLP allows you to create a new company based on the selected contacts. If the company already exists the contacts will be added to it.

Others add-on companies charge $99 for this one feature itself! With CLP you get it as a bonus.


Card Style Layout

Contact List Plus supports two styles of viewing your contacts: Table Style or Card Style. To change the layout style from card view to table or back click on the icon on the toolbar.

Card View Style displayed below:


Other enhancements and fixes:

This is a short list of the most requested fixes in CLP:
1- When CLP updates the Current Contact List it is propigated to all ACT features and functions.
2- Fixed the "Icomparer threw an exception" error when "Remove Selected" contacts from the list is clicked.
3- Current row is always displayed in the list.  No more scrolling after selected a lookup.

Group Contacts

Grouping allows you to view your contacts in sections or groups. Each group will have a subtotal row displayed on the list. In the picture below we have the list grouped by the ID/Status column. We can see the grouping rows displaying: 
+ ID/Status: Co-worker (7 Contacts) 
- ID/Status: Co-worker, Friend (2 Contacts)  
- ID/Status: Customer (11 Contacts) 

To group any column:
1. Click on the Group icon on the toolbar
2. Select the column to group. In this example we are grouping the Type column
3. Click OK

 When a column is grouped you can quickly expand or collapse the group sections by using the Expand and Collapse buttons on the toolbar. 


Sum/Count/Total values in a column

Contact List Plus has math functions built into each column and row like displaying the group count on each group row State: NY ( 11 contacts). Contact List Plus can add totals and counts at the bottom of each column using Aggregate Function that include : Count, Sum, Average, Min, Max, StdDeviation, ValueCount.

Displayed here CLP is totaling the value of the $Promos column to the value of $1,657.00


Save/Restore the List

Contact List Plus allows you to save the contact list. This is extremely useful when using the tag mode and you have selected contacts based on your own independent criteria. The name of the saved list will appear in the 'Lookups' list for easy restoring. You can even restore multiple lists at the same time!


Tag Mode

You can tag and un-tag contacts to create a lookup manually. Occasionally you may want to send an email to contacts that do not share common lookup criteria, using the tag mode you can create a lists of contacts.


Edit data in any column.

Contact List Plus has several ?built-in? editors like: Textbox, CheckBox, Calendar DropDown, Combo* and DropDown Controls. The dropdown controls are prefilled with user defined list values from ACT!.  Never go back to the details window to make changes to a contact. Edit any value with one click. The list will go into edit mode and display an editing object like a calender or dropdown list depending on the type of data.



Design and Save Column Layouts

You can customize the order of the columns in the contact list by adding a new "Column Layout." Once created, simply change the layout by selecting a different "Column Layout". You can quickly switch between multiple "Column Layouts" by a simple popup list. Below is an example of five different layouts that are installed by default.



One Click To Apply Color.

Add color to any contact in the list. Simply select any contact and right click exposing the "Color Picker". Select the desired color and the contact row will always appears as that color.



Contact List Plus replaces ACT! 2005 contact list view.

Contact List Plus replaces the existing contact list view with a robust data and color driven view. This new view allows the users to create as many data and color rules as you desire. View only the contacts that match your rules like contacts in a specific city or contacts in a group.



Save/Restore Lookups

Turn on/off lookups with a quick click of the mouse. View only the contacts you want. Easily add the current lookup to the list with a simple "Save" button.  Save multiple Lookups using basic find features or the more Advanced Query dialog.




Colorize your list

Add color to your list with simple rules. Color rules are automatically applied to all the contacts matching any lookup. Colorize contacts like 'Prospects to be called'. Extract hidden information like 'Decision Maker(s)' in New York. 

Printing in Color

Contact List Plus for ACT! also includes a print function to easily achieve WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) printing of the data presented by the control including color.



One button export to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, HTML or XML formats. Simple click the 'Export' button and give your export file a name.  The new export file will auto-open in the program of your selected format. (XLS, DOC, HTM or XML)

30 Day Trial

"When you start working with CLP you feel like you always drove a car with 3 wheels and someone just gave you the fourth wheel!"

Marian A. Wosnitza - Carnica Technology

Works With

ACT! 2011 / 2006
Standard and Professional

Tech Support
Durkin Online Support
(973) 328-3360

System Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® XP Home, XP Professional, 2000 Professional, 2000 Server, 2000 Advanced Server, Server 2003 Standard Edition, Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, Server 2003 Web Edition operating systems

Minimum 600 MHz processor (Pentium III or higher recommended)

Minimum 512 MB RAM (1024 MB RAM or higher recommended)

Minimum 1000 MB of available hard disk space

CD Drive

SVGA (800x600) or higher resolution monitor
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