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Task List Plus for ACT!
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Task List Plus (TLP) - Turbo Charge ACT!

Task List Plus is for any user who needs more power and functionality in the task list view. TLP allows: editing, colorization, calculations, organization, grouping, exporting, column formating and design in the task list view.
Task List Plus

Task List Plus features include:

  • Reschedule or reassign multiple
  • Display multiple lines
  • Colorize activities rules
  • Activity grouping and sorting
  • New Toolbar is added to the interface
  • Filter panels are easily accessed at any time
  • Edit Data in Any Column
  • Sum/Count/Total values in a column
  • Export to Excel

Reschedule/Reassign multiple activities

Task List Plus allows you to reschedule or reassign multiple activities with the push of the mouse button. No more clicking each activity in the list to get a simple task done.
To reschedule multiple activities:
1. Select the activities using the mouse
2. Click on the icon on the toolbar
3. Select the day or user
4. Click 'Reschedule' or 'Reassign'

Yes, It's that simple!

Outlook Style card view

Task List Plus can present your tasks in two layouts styles. The first is the table layout just like ACT's native layout and the Card View layout pictured here. The CardView is an enhanced layout that supports multi-row and the ability to expand or collapse cards. Each card can be collapsed or expanded to views its entire details.

Here Task List Plus is using the Card View Layout. Each activity is designated by a card rather then a row in a table.


Display multiple lines for activity details

You can adjust the amount of lines each activity can display. This is very helpful when displaying fields like the details that may hold a small paragraph. With Multi-Line set to 5 we see all the details of the notes field being displayed. The height of the Julia Roberts meeting is now tall enough to display the entire field. If the activity does not have any notes then the row height will not expand

Here Task List Plus is using multiple lines to display the details field from the activity. Other activities with no details are single height.


Colorizing your Activity List

Task list plus allows you to design color rules that colorize any activity that matches a condition. You can have any activity colorized in one of two ways. The first is if the activity matches a color rule like "Priority = High" or the Activity is in the past.

The second way to colorize is for each activity individually. Add color to any activity simply select it and right click exposing the "Color Picker". Select the desired color and the activity row will always appears in that color.

You can add color rules with this simple rule builder multiple rules can be turned on at the same time

Activity grouping and sorting

Task List Plus allows grouping and sorting just like Outlook by an unlimited number of columns. Sometimes grouping is not enough and there are situations where you need an easy way to see a sum, average or count for certain columns within a group, this can be easily achieved in Task List Plus.
Here we see Task List Plus sorted on the "Week" column then the "Activity Type" column


New toolbar is added to ACT's interface

Task List Plus adds a new toolbar at the top of the task list. With this toolbar all the features and functions of TLP are exposed for an easy mouse click.

You can use popup menus and toolbars to give Task List Plus instructions about what you want to do. A toolbar can contain buttons with images (the same images you see next to corresponding menu commands), menus, or a combination of both.

This is the new toolbar that is included when Task List Plus is installed.

1. Schedule a new activity 2. Apply color to the currently selected activity/activities 3. Turn ON/Off Edit mode 4. Turn ON/Off Tag mode
5. Change the viewing style between Table and card style 6. Open the Color Rules window 7. Reschedule the currently selected activity/activities 8. Reassign the currently selected activity/activities 9. Sort the activities list 10. Group the activity list 11. Customize the column layouts 12. Select the column layout 13. Export the current list Word, Excel, XML an HTML file 14. Export the current list to Excel  15. Export the current list to Excel with color 16. Display the drag & drop grouping header 17. Change some appearances of the list 18. Expand grouping 19. Collapse grouping 20. Refresh the activities list 21. Open the Print Preview window 22. Open the Help window 23. Open the About window


Menu's are appended to ACT!'s right-click menu.

To expose TLP's expanded menu system seen here right-click anywhere on the task list window. The popup menu will appear with additional features and function embedded right beside the native functions. All of the functions under the right click popup menu are also available on the toolbar.

To see a complete list of Task List Plus menu function please refer to the toolbar just above.


Filter panels are easily accessed at any time

Task List Plus locates the filter panels at the bottom of the task view window. You can use filter options to restrict the activities that display on the Task List or on a tab. You can narrow the activities based on date, activity type, or priority; you can also choose to show timeless, cleared, Outlook, and your private activities. Filter settings apply until you change them.

These panels can be closed by clicking on the 'push pin' icon on the top right corner of each panel.


Tag Mode is supported for addition functionality

You can tag and un-tag activities to create a lookup manually. Occasionally you may want to send an email to contacts from a set of activities, using tag mode in the activity list gives you this type of control. To send an email to these five activities simple tag then lookup the selected contacts. Its just like creating a lookup from the menu in ACT.

You can multi-select any number of activities and lookup or remove them. Just click 'Refresh' to return the list to its original state.


Edit data in any column.

Task List Plus has several ?built-in? editors like: Textbox, CheckBox, Calendar DropDown, Combo* and DropDown Controls. The dropdown controls are pre-filled with user defined list values from ACT!. 

Never go back to the details window to make changes to a contact. Edit any value with one click. The list will go into edit mode and display an editing object like a calendar or dropdown list depending on the type of data.


Printing in color

Task List Plus includes a print function to easily achieve WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) Color printing.

  • Columns fit to page option will squeeze all the columns onto one page by reducing the column width
  • Columns actual size option will allows the columns to print onto a second page if requires
  • Columns zoom to fit option will squeeze all the columns onto one page by reducing the font size

Below is the 'Print Preview' option. From this window you can access the 'Page Setup' options before printing.


Drag & Drop Column Layouts.

You can Drag & Drop any column on or off the list at any time. To remove a column simple drag the column off the list. To Add a column select the Columns Layout tool on the toolbar and drag additional columns onto the list. You can quickly switch between multiple "Column Layouts" by a simple popup list. Below is an example of five different layouts that are installed by default.

Displayed here we see the Drag&Drop columns tool. Notice that the list has 'Alternating Rows' option turned on.


Sum/Count/Total values in a column

Task List Plus has math functions built into each column and row like displaying the group count on each group row Type: Meeting( 11 ). Contact List Plus can add totals and counts at the bottom of each column using Aggregate Function that include : Count, Sum, Average, Min, Max, StdDeviation, ValueCount.

Export to Excel, DOC, HTML or XML

One button export to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, HTML or XML formats. Simple click the 'Export' button and give your export file a name.  The new export file will auto-open in the program of your selected format. (XLS, DOC, HTM or XML)

30 Day Trial

"Task List Plus has increased the power of ACT dramatically, enabling me to reschedule multiple activities simultaneously. It also empowers me to better control task management than I could do with ACT! alone. FANTASTIC TOOL."

Keith Patterson

Works With

ACT! 2011 / 2006
Standard and Professional

Tech Support
Durkin Online Support
(973) 328-3360

System Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® XP Home, XP Professional, 2000 Professional, 2000 Server, 2000 Advanced Server, Server 2003 Standard Edition, Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, Server 2003 Web Edition operating systems

Minimum 600 MHz processor (Pentium III or higher recommended)

Minimum 512 MB RAM (1024 MB RAM or higher recommended)

Minimum 1000 MB of available hard disk space

CD Drive

SVGA (800x600) or higher resolution monitor
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