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Stonefield Query Report Designer
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Stonefield Query for ACT!

Stonefield Query for ACT!® is a user-friendly data mining, business intelligence, query, and report writing tool designed specifically for ACT!. You no longer need to call the IT specialist every time you need a report. Now your sales people, administrative staff, and management can create their own reports in minutes after only an hour of training. Stonefield Query for ACT! can handle virtually all of your reporting needs.

Stonefield Query is a powerful query builder and report writer. In May 2000, the reporting engine in Stonefield Query was awarded the Developer's Choice Award for Best Reporting Tool at the DevConnections 2000 conference in New Orleans, sponsored by Microsoft.

Stonefield Query has a simple "wizard" interface. After selecting a report from the list of available reports, you can select the sort order, enter filter conditions, and select where the output should go (printer, disk file, spreadsheet, screen preview, etc.).

In addition to running pre-defined reports, you can create your own "quick" reports in just minutes. Simply select which fields to report on from the list of available fields (full English descriptions rather than cryptic names and symbols), and you're done! You don't have to know complex stuff like join conditions; Stonefield Query takes care of that for you.

Stonefield Query Features

  • Simple wizard interface. After selecting a report from the list of available reports, you can select the sort order, enter filter conditions, and select where the output should go (printer, text file, spreadsheet, screen preview, etc.).
  • Handles complex join conditions between tables automatically.
  • A new Cross Tabulation Wizard allows you to create cross-tab reports with just a few mouse clicks.
  • You can now create a filter that compares one field to another field in the same table (using the More button in the Filter Condition dialog).
  • Choose from one of the supplied Report Templates or use the Template Editor to build your own.
  • When you create a report, you can specify whether other users can access the sort or filter pages for each one. You can even define reports that are only accessible to specific users.
  • Click on the values button to get a list of all possible values for any field.
  • Control font, color, alignment, heading, and column width for each field. Group on any field with a mouse click.
  • The Advanced Report Designer allows you to completely control the look of your reports. Move fields around, add lines, boxes, and shading, include graphics such as company logos, define calculated fields, etc.
  • Output to Microsoft Excel, HTML, Microsoft Word, comma-delimited, or other types of files.
  • The Report Scheduler lets you automate reports that need to go out on a regular basis.
  • Knows your data. You don't have to know how your data is stored or how tables are joined (you don't even have to know what a 'join' is).
  • Import reports so you can use report layouts designed by other users or consultants.
  • Export reports so you can share report layouts with other users.
  • Create an unlimited number of reports.
  • Display 'real' table and field names so it's easier to locate the table or field you want if you're familiar with these names.
  • Context-sensitive help provides easy-to-follow instructions for every task.

Features Specific to ACT!

In addition to the standard features, Stonefield Query for ACT! has several powerful features.
  • Works with any ACT! version from 3.0 right up to the current version.
  • User-defined fields appear with the caption assigned by the user.
  • You can now create an ACT! group based on the contacts that appear in a Stonefield Query report.
  • You can switch between ACT! databases by simply choosing the Open Database function in the File menu.
  • More than 60 pre-defined reports are available. These reports alone are worth the price of Stonefield Query!
  • A single report can be run against each of your ACT! databases without making changes to the report.
  • Data can be extracted from anywhere in ACT!, including Sales/Opportunities and Notes/History.
  • You can now run Stonefield Query from the Reports menu in ACT!
  • The Activity, Notes/History, and Sales tables now have a Group name field.
  • The Contact table now has a Group Listing field.
  • Stonefield Query can report on information in Quotewerks, a quoting system that integrates seamlessly with ACT!

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"I have to report that I've thrown over my loyalty to Stonefield Query. The simplicity and depth of the program make it easy for me to recommend ... in my examination, they've thought of nearly everything an ACT! user would ever need."

Doug Wolf
ACT! Certified Consultant
Author of Crystal Reports for Dummies

Tech Support 800-563-1119(tel)

30 minutes of telephone support included with the initial purchase of any Report Designer license.

System Requirements

  • ACT! 3.0 or higher
  • Windows 2000, 2003 or XP
  • Pentium 233 or better
  • 64 MB of Memory (RAM)
  • 20 MB of Hard Drive Space
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