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Consulting ActionCCs Practical Act! Premier Trainers know that it takes more than 'product knowledge' to make a trainer.  Success in the training proces depends on critical end user buy in.  User adoption is key to the success of your sales automation project.  

Our training programs help close the skill set gap leaving your end users with what they need to know to meet your business demands.

We take the mystery out of ACT!

Is ACT! Easy to Use?

ACT! was designed by Sales people for Sales people. Any feature of ACT! is easy to use and accessible. ACT! is also a very powerful product with a broad range of features. Practical ACT! Premier Trainers are familiar with the full range of these features. We offer many pointers on how to make this rich feature set work together as a complete system. At ActionCCs we focus on three broad areas designed to turn your Contacts into relationships and your relationships into results :
  • Become acquainted with the basics of working with ACT! in your day to day business
  • Integrating ACT! into your marketing and business processes
  • Customizing and administering ACT!

Advantages of Online Training with a Live Instructor

Online training is the most efficient way of delivering quality, customized training at a reasonable cost. ActionCCs Practical Act! online training is customer centric with each course focused only on a single customers requirements at any given session. Training times can be flexible and session length held to increments of one to three hours depending on the customers needs. Training is conducted using state of the art technology from .

The Practical Act! Curriculum - online or onsite

ACT! Everyday Training

  • Introduction

    • The ACT! program window
    • Contact Record basics

  • Working Your Contacts

    • Locating Contacts
    • Work in the List View
    • Lookup records
      • Query
      • Keyword search
    • Work with Secondary Contacts

  • Working Your Schedule

    • Activities - Calls, Meetings, To-dos
    • Using the Calendar
    • The Task List View
    • Modifying / Clearing Activities
    • Notes vs. History
    • Alarms
    • Recurring Activities
    • Public vs. Private
    • Scheduling for Other Users
    • Roll Over
    • Events

  • Working With Paper

    • Letters, Memos, Templates
    • Reports
    • E-mail

  • Working With Groups and Companies

    • Group Lookups
    • Creating and Populating Groups
    • Linking Contacts to Companies
    • Creating a Company from a Contact
    • Divisions and Subgroups
    • Sharing Notes and Histories
    • Filtering Tabs

  • Working With Documents

  • Internet Services


ACT! Advanced Training -You Decide

  • Working With Opportunities

    • Creating Opportunities
    • Creating Quotes
    • Closing the deal
    • Opportunity List View
    • Opportunity Reports and Graphs

  • Working with Synchronization

  • Customizing the Database

    • Adding Fields
    • Customizing Fields
    • Managing Drop Down Lists
    • Field Security

  • Customized Layouts

    • Defining and Modifying Layouts
    • Adding New Fields
    • Layout Tabs
    • Field Entry Order

  • Customized Document Templates

    • Creating a Custom Templates
    • Envelopes and Mailing Labels
    • Formatting E-mail Templates
    • Sending E-mail to Multiple Addresses

  • Customizing Reports

    • Building a Repoprt Template
    • Report Objects
    • Report Filters
    • Using Scripts in Your Reports

  • Administering ACT!

    • Creating New Databases
    • Managing Users
    • Managing the Database

Practical ACT! On Site Clip Board Training

This is an increasingly popular method of training for a staff of any size. Your staff remains at their workstations. An ActionCCs Practical Act! Premier Trainer roams your facility helping each individual in their own working environment answering specific questions about their personal day to day use of ACT!. We keep track of questions and issues that are brought up and provide an end of session summary.
Professional Rates

?68% of IT executives said training of users would improve information access?
Business Week Survey

"Free advice costs nothing and its worth the price ..." Allan Sherman

Tech Support - $40 / 15 min
Training - $149 / hr
Customization - $149 / hr
Installation - $149 / hr
Programming - $1200 / day
Onsite(1) - $169 / hr. plus $1 / mile with a 2 Hr. Minimum.

All primary work performed online by ACT! Certified Professionals or ACT! Premier Trainers except as indicated.

(1) We work with ACC's across the country and will try to find one nearby with the skills your project requires. Certain Metropolitan rates may be higher.

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"I like the flexibility (of ACT!), and find it especially helpful when talking to customers having all the information regarding their account easily accessible. I cannot say enough about ACT!. I have recommended it to many of my friends and business acquaintances."

Kathleen Nelson
ACT! user since 2005

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(541) 359-1278
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ACT! by Sage Premium

Enables individuals and teams to instantly access key contact and customer information, manage and prioritize activities, track all contact-related communications, and grow productive business relationships. For nearly 20 years ACT! has been the world's leading contact and customer relationship management solution for business of all sizes. Choose from one of five ACT! solutions, each designed to help users make contact, build relationships and get results.

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