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Consulting Practical ACT! Certied Consultants help you customize and implement your ACT! solution. Every client has unique business processes requiring thought and attention to detail to maximize the opportunity for success. Our comprehensive solutions approach ensures the enire process is on time and within the budget. We take the mystery out of ACT!


ACT! provides basic 'Getting Started' support FREE for 30 days.
"One benefit of your ACT! by Sage software is 30 days of Getting Started Support. Getting Started Support includes phone support for up to 30 days from the date of product registration. Getting Started Support is limited to product installation, error message, and simple database setup or conversion. Your system must meet the minimum system requirements to be eligible for support. Call 1-800-992-4564 to get started."


The ACT! knowledgebase provides answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can search by 'product', 'category', 'keywords' 'Answer ID' or 'phrases'. ACT! is very open to user feedback on answers and seeking ways to improve them.

User discussion groups

ACT! User Discussion Groups are easy-to-use online message boards where you can talk with other ACT! users, browse postings, ask questions, share tips, and much more. Note: User Discussion Groups are user-to-user only and are not moderated by ACT! Technical Analysts.

Database Repair Services

Occassionally your database may become damaged by power outages or machine failures. In some cases, our technicians can repair your files.

Before attempting to repair your database, contact one of our Practical ACT! Certied Consultants to determine if the problems you are experiencing are caused by damage to the database.

Many times your database problem can be fixed with a database tune-up and optimization. This usually takes 1-2 hours and will often leave your database in 'good as new' condition. This means better responsiveness and happier users.

Additional Support

Having problems configuring synchronization? Is Outlook working on everyone else's machine? Need to get ACT! Web Certified ConsultantACT! for Web up and running? Practical Act! Certified Consultants  can help with all these issues and more. Give us a call and request a quote.
Professional Rates

"Free advice costs nothing and its worth the price ..." Allan Sherman

Tech Support - $40 / 15 min
Training - $149 / hr
Customization - $149 / hr
Installation - $149 / hr
Programming - $1200 / day
Onsite(1) - $169 / hr. plus $1 / mile with a 2 Hr. Minimum.

All primary work performed online by ACT! Certified Professionals or ACT! Premier Trainers except as indicated.

(1) We work with ACC's across the country and will try to find one nearby with the skills your project requires. Certain Metropolitan rates may be higher.

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"I like the flexibility (of ACT!), and find it especially helpful when talking to customers having all the information regarding their account easily accessible. I cannot say enough about ACT!. I have recommended it to many of my friends and business acquaintances."

Kathleen Nelson
ACT! user since 2005

Tech Support
(541) 359-1278
(650) 492-4904
practicalact (skype)

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